Professional Wildlife Control in Berrien County

Those in Berrien County, Michigan, rely on McCoy Wildlife Control to help control and prevent nuisance animals in residences and businesses. We offer safe and effective wildlife removal services for a variety of species: rodents, raccoons, opossums, skunks, coyotes and more. We specialize in bat removal and general exclusion services, which are the most humane way to prevent wildlife from entering or nesting in residential and commercial structures.

Professional Wildlife Control In Berrien County Residents

Berrien County is home to beautiful Paw Paw Lake, Paw Paw River and Black Lake; the deep beaches of New Buffalo; and the rural wine, orchard, and farm country between. The deer have a habit of leaving our forests and fencerows, though, as do many of our other native animals. They head into homes, barns, businesses and civic structures. Mice, for example, often become a problem during the spring planting, when their homes are disced under, or during the fall, when they find themselves looking for warmth on cold Michigan nights. If you have a problem with wildlife entering one of your structures, contact McCoy Wildlife Control in Berrien County for assistance. 

Residential & Commercial Wildlife Control in Berrien County

It’s essential to know your local, reliable and responsive wildlife control service should an emergency arise. McCoy is that service for Berrien County. We are here to help residents and business owners keep their homes and buildings secure from nuisance wildlife. Those in Berrien County reach out to McCoy Wildlife Services because they can be assured of a quick response and excellent customer service. 

The following communities can contact us with questions or to help during nuisance wildlife emergencies: 

  • New Buffalo
  • Sawyer
  • Stevensville
  • Benton Harbor
  • Coloma
  • Berrien Springs
  • Baroda
  • Galien
  • Three Oaks
  • Niles
  • Buchanan
  • And others! 

Residents of Berrien Spring can call us today at (219) 362 – 7444  for wildlife control and removal services.

Exclusion Services for Long-Term Protection

Our team at McCoy Wildlife will do a thorough examination of your structure to determine how animals are entering. We will then seal all entries without trapping the animal inside the structure. The animal is then channeled through a designated, one-way exit, reducing the chances that they will return. Call McCoy Wildlife to remove bats, mice and other nuisance animals today.

Exclusion Services for Bats

Safe and Efficient Wildlife Control

We are equipped and trained to remove and protect your home against rodents, raccoons, skunks, bats, opossums and more. We value customer satisfaction and we take pride in giving residents confidence in their home’s safety. We will work with customers to create a management plan that best suits your and your structure’s needs so you can sleep easy, knowing your building is protected.