Residential & Commercial Wildlife Control Services

Residential & Commercial Wildlife Control Services Truck

McCoy Wildlife Control provides wildlife control services (nuisance wildlife removal and exclusion services) for La Porte County and the surrounding Northwest and Central Indiana areas. We offer prompt and reliable wildlife control for both residential and commercial spaces, removing unwanted animal visitors and keeping them out with removal and exclusion services. 

The team at McCoy Wildlife Control can handle birds, bats, rodents, squirrels, snakes, dead animals and more. If you find evidence of a wildlife visitor (droppings, scratch marks, noises in the walls or attic), call McCoy Wildlife Control today. 

*Note: We do NOT handle dogs or cats* 

McCoy Wildlife Control Is Your Experienced Wildlife Animal Removal Company

Mice often find their way into homes during harvest season and when the temperatures drop. Birds and bats can nest in attics or chimneys, squirrels, chipmunks or raccoons may have their babies in your building’s basement. No matter what nuisance wildlife may have entered your building or residence, the professionals at McCoy Wildlife Control are available and ready to provide safe removal services for you. 

Throughout Northwest and Central Indiana, as well as Southwest Michigan, McCoy Wildlife Control can remove a variety of nuisance wildlife, including 

What are animal exclusion services?

Exclusion means preventing wildlife from entering your building or home, and it is the most humane method of keeping unwanted animals out. The experienced team at McCoy Wildlife Control uses techniques that remove nuisance wildlife and then prevent their future use of your structure by blocking or properly sealing points of entry. We identify how the animal was entering, and then make sure that visitor doesn’t return, without trapping the creature inside in the process.

Animal Exclusion Services Bat

Driven By Customer Satisfaction & Results

The entire team at McCoy Wildlife Control takes great pride in being known for excellent customer service. Whatever your needs, we’ll customize a wildlife management plan that works for you. Both residential and commercial customers can rely on McCoy Wildlife Control for nuisance wildlife removal and control. Call us today at (219) 362-7444 or reach out on our contact page.