Bat Removal and Exclusion​

When you find a dead animal on your property, it’s important to contact professional wildlife specialists to help. Trained professionals, like the team at McCoy Wildlife, have the proper equipment and training to remove the animal from your property safely. When faced with a dead animal on the premises, it’s vital you do not try to remove or dispose of it on your own. If you are faced with a dead animal on your property contact the trusted wildlife services of McCoy Wildlife. 

Dangers Of Handling Dead Animals

It’s important to avoid handling dead animals without the help and expertise of trained professionals. If you try to handle it on your own, it can lead to some dangerous side effects. When an animal does, it begins to decompose. As animals decompose, the bacteria that is normally contained within the creature’s body is released. As this bacteria is released, it becomes more dangerous for humans as they can be exposed to potential disease-causing pathogens. 

So, to avoid a trip to the hospital and the expenses that come along with it, do not attempt to handle or dispose of the animal. Instead, when you see a dead animal on the premises, take simple steps to avoid harm to you and those around you. First, make note of where the animal is located. Next, ensure children and pets avoid the area. Making sure your pet is on a lease and maintains distance from the animal ensures they do not contract any diseases. Finally, call the wildlife professionals at McCoy Wildlife. Let them know you have a dead animal and where it is located that way, they can bring the proper equipment and ensure no harmful contaminants are left behind. 

Dead Animal Removal Experts

Whether you’ve got a critter infestation or a dead animal problem, trust the expertise of McCoy Wildlife. Our team prides itself on humane animal removal and exclusion services in addition to dead animal removal. If you’ve got a critter problem or are in need of dead animal removal there’s no one better than McCoy Wildlife. Call them today at 219-362-7444 and they will create a custom wildlife plan that best meets your needs. McCoy Wildlife does NOT handle cats or dogs.