Our Expertise

When choosing a wildlife management professional, it is essential to work with an experienced and trusted company. McCoy Wildlife Control makes sure the job is done properly and safely. We provide wildlife control services for La Porte County and the surrounding area residents and businesses.

Mission Statement

To maintain the highest standards of honesty, moral character, professionalism, and education. To practice fairness, respect and regard for our clients, and the environment. To render services safely and efficiently. To maintain a suitable, profitable and stable work environment for our employees.

Our team

Our team has the training and experience to remove and prevent many species of wildlife issues from rodents like mice and rats, to larger animals like raccoons, skunks, and coyotes. Customer satisfaction and results are top priority for us, and we take great pride in our reputation for excellent customer service. We can customize any wildlife management plan that will best meet your needs. We are here to solve your wildlife control problems!

Exclusion Services

McCoy Wildlife Control proudly provides exclusion services. What is exclusion? Exclusion is the most humane method for preventing wildlife from entering your building or home. We use techniques that remove nuisance wildlife and prevent their future use of your building or home. Proper exclusion services deny unwanted wildlife access to the structure. McCoy Wildlife can easily identify how an animal is getting in and seals points of entry without trapping the animal inside. This motivates the nuisance animal to leave or look for other harborage and reduces the likelihood of reentry. 

Serving both Residential and Commercial Customers.

Nuisance Wildlife:

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Beavers & Muskrats

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Moles & Voles

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