Humane Rabbit Removal

The eastern cottontail is a type of rabbit found throughout Northwest Indiana, living in both rural and suburban areas. While rabbits can be pesky when it comes to your garden, cottontails are actually important to the local ecosystem and can be helpful for your yard. They feed on weeds and their urine and feces naturally fertilize the soil, helping your lawn look great throughout the spring and summer months. However, when these critters take up residence in your home, they can wreak havoc.

Rabbit Problems In The Home

If a rabbit or family of rabbits invades your home, they can be quite destructive, resulting in the following issues: 

  • Foul Smells: Rabbit urine and feces accumulates quickly, and if they are inside your house, those odors can become pungent
  • Damaged Walls & Electrical: Rabbits like to chew. When they are inside the home, they find many different things to gnaw on, including walls and electrical wires. Over time, this can cause serious damage to the structure of your walls and can lead to dangerous situations with your electrical work, which can lead to expensive repairs.

McCoy Wildlife Can Help

Luckily, McCoy Wildlife has the skills and experience to help with your rabbit problem! McCoy Wildlife utilizes humane tactics for removing rabbits from your property with no harm to the animal, the local ecosystem, or your home. This is called exclusion and it’s a service our skilled professionals are all trained in. We start by removing the rabbits from your home, humanely, ensuring no damage is done to the animals or your home. Next, we find the point of entry: where the rabbits first entered the property. Once located, the point of entry is then sealed, ensuring no more rabbits enter in the future. Our pros bring the equipment and expertise so you can rest assured that no more rabbits will inhabit your property.

Stop the Invasion Today!

If you’ve got a rabbit invasion, contact the specialists at McCoy Wildlife today. Got more than just a rabbit problem? Our experts are trained in the removal and exclusion of a variety of critters including mice, rats, opossums, bats, and more. They even help with the removal of dead wild animals on your property. Call us at 219-362-7444 and our professionals can customize a wildlife management plan that will best meet your property’s needs.