Bird Removal and Exclusion

Avid bird enthusiast? Love the sound of birds chirping? Most people do, except for when they find homestead in your attic or chimney. The Canada goose, pigeons, starlings, seagulls and house sparrows are the most common pest birds along the Lake Michigan Lakeshore, and though some of these aren’t a cause for concern about nesting in your homes, you do have to worry about those that are.

Infestations of birds cause million dollars of damage every year, not to mention the risk of disease or pest infestation they can carry, such as lice, fleas and ticks.

Bird removal and exclusion

Signs of Birds in the Home

  • Increased bird activity around the home. You may even be able to see birds flying in and out of the chimney.
  • Bird noise in attic or chimney that sounds like scratching, flapping, rustling or even chirping.
  • Foul odor that could indicate diseased birds.

If you suspect birds in your chimney or attic, check for any gaps or holes in soffits, fascia, roofline and flashing as well as open flues for chimneys.

Safe Professional Bird Removal and Exclusion Services

In the era of DIY’ers, the thought of, “maybe I can do it myself” comes to mind. Something to keep in mind is that not only can trapping birds be difficult and ineffective, it can be dangerous to you and can cause injury to the birds. Additionally, many species of birds are protected by the law, and inappropriate removal or disruption of their nests may be illegal.


To avoid potential DIY risks, call the experts at McCoy Wildlife Control. Serving Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan, McCoy specializes in the removal and exclusion of birds from homes and businesses. 

When you call the professionals at McCoy Wildlife Control, we’ll assess the entry points and/or area of infestation. After an infestation has been identified, McCoy Wildlife begins an in-depth inspection to assess the:


  • Type/species of bird
  • What is attracting them to the structure
  • Possible points of entry
  • Damage/repairs needed for future prevention

After the inspection, the McCoy specialists can execute a plan of action which can include sealing points-of-entry so the birds can’t get back in or by using visual/sound deterrents to prevent them from returning.

leave bird removal to the professionals.

While avoiding an infestation of birds is critical to the health and wellbeing of any home and persons, birds are very important to our ecosystem. They control pests, act as pollinators, and have played a vital role in ecology. To this end, it is imperative that we leave bird removal to the professionals.

McCoy Wildlife Control is specialized in safe, effective, and humane methods of removal of birds. Give us a call today. Northwestern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan customers can reach us at 219-362-7444, and Northcentral Indiana customers at 574-465-7444.