Expert Mole and Vole Wildlife Control in Northwest Indiana

Moles and voles are common pests in Northwest Indiana. While they aren’t as destructive to the inside of your home as rats and mice, they can cause a lot of damage to your property. These rodents live underground and frequently ruin gardens, lawns and landscaping. They can even pose issues for your home’s foundation or septic system! Luckily, the expert team at McCoy Wildlife Services has years of experience removing and excluding moles and voles – which means keeping them from coming back. 

How to Tell if You Have Moles

Moles are small, gray rodents that don’t appear to have eyes or ears. Instead, they have large front paws with noticeable claws, which they use for digging and burrowing underground. There are different clues that you might have moles on your property, including:

  • Mounds/molehills. Moles live primarily underground and eat grubs and other bugs in the dirt and soil. Therefore, they must dig holes to get into and out of the ground, which creates mounds of dirt called molehills. 
  • Dead grass. When moles burrow underground, they disrupt the root systems of the plants and grass above them. Subsequently, you might notice patches of dead grass or plants throughout your yard.
  • Ridges. Moles make tunnel systems underground. They push dirt and soil upward by digging and running around beneath the surface. This tunneling creates ridges throughout your yard, which indicates a tunnel beneath.
  • Squishy ground. Where there are tunnels, there’s usually squishy ground! The gap in the dirt beneath your feet might feel squishy or even collapse.

How to Tell if You Have Voles

After a mole, you might have voles! These small, mouse-like creatures use previously established mole tunnels to create their own homes. Unlike moles, voles have clear eyes and ears and smaller paws. They’re also more likely to run through your garden or foliage above ground. Still, there are clear signs of voles, too:

  • Gnaw marks. Voles have large front teeth that they use to gnaw on vegetation. If you notice bite marks, you probably have a vole!
  • Golf-ball-sized holes. Unlike moles, which create large mounds of dirt, vole holes are small. As a result, they don’t usually displace much dirt, and they will make several golf-ball-sized holes throughout the yard.

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You’ve worked hard to cultivate a beautiful yard and garden. But, unfortunately, moles and voles are destructive to that progress. Luckily, McCoy Wildlife has experience removing and excluding moles and voles. Contact McCoy Wildlife Services today to get a free consultation!