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Known for playing dead, opossums are common marsupials in northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan. They are generally harmless and are known for eating ticks, which carry Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Fever. Typically, opossums shouldn’t threaten you or your pets. 

However, if you want to remove opossums and keep them from returning, McCoy Wildlife has the exclusion services to help. The professional and friendly experts at McCoy have years of experience in animal control. We understand the unique environment in northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan, and we pride ourselves on quality animal control.

3 Reasons Opossums on Your Property are Problematic

Opossums are essential animals in the wild. But despite the critical role they play, opossums also present some problems and dangers for humans and pets. Below are three reasons opossums are problematic if they’re on your property.

Opossums carry diseases, including tuberculosis!

Because opossums have low body temperatures and robust immune systems, they carry many diseases without being sick themselves. One disease opossums transmit to humans is tuberculosis, a highly contagious and dangerous lung condition. Additionally, they carry leptospirosis, spotted fever and coccidiosis. 

Opossums ruin your home to make their own.

Like many animals, opossums use the insulation in your home’s attic or walls to make their nests. Because they move around in your attic and use your insulation, they can mess up your electrical wiring and increase energy usage in your home. Additionally, they get into trash cans and nest under decks, moving trash across your property.

Opossums ruin your lawn.

Because opossums eat many grubs, they frequently dig in yards and gardens to find these insects. Unfortunately, that can lead to unsightly holes and mounds throughout your yard. These holes present tripping hazards and opportunities for other pest wildlife to make their homes in your yard.

Ways to Keep Opossums Away From Your Kids and Pets

There are a few strategies to keep opossums away from your kids and pets – and out of your yard. The following steps are some best practices to keep opossums away. But if you’re still struggling with unwanted visitors, McCoy Wildlife can provide the necessary exclusion services to keep them away.

  • Lock your trash cans. Opossums smell food and look for material to take home in the garbage.
  • Take pet food inside at the end of the day. Opossums are scavengers who will eat just about anything!
  • Keep your yard well-lit. Opossums are nocturnal, so keeping lights on outside discourages them from coming out.

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