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Northwest Indiana & Southwest Michigan Rats and Mice Control

While some of the most beloved cartoon characters are mice, you don’t want mice or rats in your home or workplace. These small rodents might seem cute, but they cause significant problems. In addition to damaging electrical wiring and home goods, rats and mice can spread dangerous diseases to humans and pets. For the best rat and mouse removal and exclusion in the Region, contact McCoy Wildlife Control

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Why Small Rodents Are a Big Problem

Rats and mice are some of the Region’s most common pests. They make their homes in the walls, cabinets and attics, exposing humans and pets to fleas and incredibly harmful waste. They also create fire hazards by chewing through wires and ruining furniture and food. 

Unfortunately, where there is one rat or mouse, there are usually more. So even if you catch one, others are likely somewhere in your home, which is why professional exclusion services from McCoy Wildlife are so important. As experienced wildlife control experts, we remove all rats and mice from your home and ensure they don’t have a way to reenter your space.

Signs of Rats and Mice in the Home

  • Sounds of scratching and movement. If you are quiet, you may be able to hear rats or mice running, chewing or scratching behind your walls or in your cabinets.
  • Rat or mice droppings. A sure sign of a rat or mouse is feces. Their droppings are tiny, but people commonly find them in their kitchen cabinets, near dry goods or in their pantry. 
  • Holes, tears or openings in food packages. Rats and mice chew through paper boxes and plastic bags easily. Holes in your pantry staples might indicate a rodent problem. 
  • Holes or cracks in cabinets and walls. Rats and mice prefer warm, dark spaces, making cabinets and walls ideal places for them. 
  • Unexplained faulty wiring. Because rats and mice scurry behind your walls, they often encounter electrical wiring. They might chew through wires or use them for their nests. When that occurs, your outlets may not work, or your lights might flicker. 
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Contact McCoy for Rat and Mouse Removal

Keep your family, pets and yourself safe from the damage small rodents can cause. Contact McCoy Wildlife Control today if you’ve identified signs of a rat or mouse problem in your home or business. Call us at 219-362-7444, and our team of expertly trained and experienced wildlife control technicians will be with you shortly.