Skunk Removal

Skunk Removal in Northwest Indiana

Skunks are one of Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan’s most common and noticeable pests. These black and white striped animals spray a potent fume as a defense mechanism. But despite their smell, skunks benefit the area by eating common garden and agricultural pests. They’re also docile creatures that rarely spray humans or animals and cause us minimal harm. For that reason, McCoy Wildlife Control is proud to provide humane skunk removal and exclusion services to our neighbors. 

skunk removal services

Where Skunks Live

Skunks are burrowing den animals that prefer to live underground. They’re also nocturnal, meaning they come out at night. For these reasons, you can typically find skunks in the following places:

  • Egress basement windows. These small windows at the top of your basement are partially underground. As a result, they often fill with dead leaves, debris and brush, especially in the fall, providing skunks cover.
  • Decks and porches. If you have a raised deck or porch, skunks may find a way underneath it. Below, they can make a den for their striped family. 
  • Sheds or garages. Many sheds and garages, especially those used infrequently, provide countless spaces for a skunk to call home. 

Signs There’s a Skunk Nearby

The surest sign there’s a skunk on your property is if you see one! However, because they are nocturnal, it’s not always common to see a skunk wandering during the daytime. Look for these signs if you think you might have a skunk problem. 

  • Smelly pets. Skunks spray a potent liquid to warn animals away from their den. Dogs usually don’t run off when a skunk stomps or hisses, so they often get sprayed when they encounter skunks. 
  • Small holes in the yard. Skunks dig for grubs in your lawn, similar to squirrels digging for and burying nuts. 
  • Nearby habitat modifications. New construction or deforestation can force skunks (and other pest animals) to move on to new spaces.

Professional and Humane Skunk Removal

The biggest issue a skunk presents is its odor, but it doesn’t pose much harm to humans or pets. Skunks keep yards free of many bugs and grubs that can cause other damage. McCoy Wildlife Control understands that a skunk can cause anxiety and worry for homeowners, so we diligently remove skunks and use leading exclusion techniques to keep them from coming back. We do this humanely so that skunks can continue providing their beneficial services to other natural environments in the area. 

If you have a skunk den on your property or need help removing and keeping skunks out, contact the friendly and professional team at McCoy Wildlife Control. Call us today at 219-362-7444.