Coyote Removal

Northwest Indiana’s Premier Coyote Wildlife Removal

Northern Indiana and southern Michigan residents know coyotes for their distinctive howl and dog-like appearance. Coyotes are native to this region and have called it home for centuries. But these beautiful animals can also harm humans and their pets. Residents trust the McCoy Wildlife Control experts for safe and humane coyote removal.

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Signs There’s a Coyote On Your Property

Northwest and central Indiana and southwest Michigan are home to many coyotes. You might hear howls, yips and barks at night, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have coyotes on your property. However, there are sure signs that a coyote is living on your property. Check for these signs to see if a coyote is living on your property, check for these signs. 

  • Location. Coyotes are attracted to certain areas, including wooded sections of land. Coyotes prefer areas with high numbers of prey, such as birds, squirrels and deer. While we often think of them in rural areas, coyotes are increasingly comfortable with suburban life and may even live on the city’s outskirts.
    • Dog-like tracks. Coyotes have tracks similar to dogs, but only their front paws have claws. They also have longer strides, so their paw prints will be further apart.
    • Coyote scat. Coyote feces on your property indicates a coyote living nearby or somewhere on your land. 
  • Dead animals. Coyotes prey on small animals, including squirrels, chickens and small dogs and cats. If you find these dead animals on your property or your animals go missing, you may have a coyote on your land.
  • Dens. Coyotes make dens in hollowed-out trees, under rock outcroppings and in preexisting burrows. If you see a coyote entering or exiting one of these spaces, you’ve found a den on your property. 


Our Coyote Removal Strategy

McCoy Wildlife takes pride in its animal exclusion services. We use humane methods to trap and release coyotes in safe areas. We also focus on strategies to prevent coyotes from returning to your property. When you hire McCoy Wildlife, you have animal control solutions that last long-term. 

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Contact the Region’s Best Coyote Removal Experts

If you’ve identified signs of a coyote on your property, contact the McCoy Wildlife Control team today. We’re proud to serve northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan residents, including La Porte, Berrien and Kosciusko counties.