Custom Wildlife Management Plans

Birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons – wildlife doesn’t belong in your home or business. Wildlife can wreak havoc on your health and safety and make your home or business unclean. Every wildlife case is unique, just like your home or business. McCoy Wildlife Control’s expert team will work with you for your specific residential or commercial wildlife control needs. Just ask us about our custom wildlife management plans.

Custom wildlife management plans - for rats

Wildlife Control Solutions for Your Unique Needs


Infestations occur when unusually high numbers of animals or insects congregate and live in one area. In northwest Indiana, bats and mice are the most common infestations. Infestations run the risk of spreading diseases and sickness to humans and other animals, like pets, in the home or business. McCoy Wildlife Control will work with you to determine the best removal and exclusion control options for your specific case. The options will vary depending on when, where and for how long the infestation has occurred.


Visitors are wildlife that move into your home, business or yard. They don’t have high enough numbers to be considered an infestation, but they can still pose problems for the health of you and your home. Raccoons, squirrels and chipmunks are common visitors in northwest Indiana. If these or other creatures, like opossums or groundhogs, are calling your space home, we’ll help remove the visitor. We’ll also identify how they got into your space, then prepare a solution that will keep them from getting back in.  


Different animals prefer different spaces! Attics or basements, egress windows or outdoor spaces, walls or floorboards – depending on the critter, each will pick a favorite space in or around your building. Because each home and business has a unique layout and design, McCoy Wildlife Control will work with you to assess the situation and determine the best solution to remove the animals from your space. We may have to remove floorboards, open a wall or crawl beneath the foundation, but our team will get the job done.


The weather and the seasons greatly influence us all, including wildlife. At certain times of year and in certain types of weather, animals are more likely to seek shelter or make a nest in your home or business. This means that creating a weather-proof solution to removing pests and keeping them out is paramount! Our team knows the climate and weather in northern Indiana and southern Michigan, and we’ll work with you to create a custom wildlife management plan that keeps the critters out year-round.

Why McCoy?

At McCoy Wildlife Control, we put the customers first. That means getting to know our customers, their cases and their needs. We treat our customers with respect and fairness, and when it comes time to remove animals, we do so humanely and safely. We don’t just remove wildlife from your space; we identify how they got in and then keep them from coming back with our exclusion services. No matter the nuisance animal – snakes, groundhogs, voles, coyotes, etc. – our professionally trained and respectful team puts your health and safety first.


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Ready to get a custom wildlife management plan for your home or business? Complete our contact form or give us a call! For northwest Indiana and southwest Michigan, call us at 219-362-7444. For north central Indiana customers, call at 574-465-7444. Our team will get started assessing your needs and creating a management plan that keeps critters out.