Get Expert Wildlife Control Services in Chesterton, IN

Chesterton is one of Northwest Indiana’s premier cities. Known for its historic downtown and nationally recognized schools, Chesterton features plenty of opportunity and charm. Just an hour east of Chicago and conveniently located on the South Shore train line, many residents who call Chesterton home also work and celebrate in Chicago. 

Chesterton is also home to countless nature preservations and outdoor explorations. Nestled near the Indiana Dunes National Park, Chesterton sees thousands of tourists and visitors yearly at this iconic location. Chesterton is also home to Coffee Creek Preserve and Sand Creek. These beautiful natural landscapes are inviting to residents and tourists alike – and countless wildlife! McCoy Wildlife Services provides the wildlife control solutions Chesterton residents need. 

Top 3 Pest Wildlife in Chesterton, IN

Northwest Indiana features a beautiful landscape of wooded areas, rolling hills and sparkling lakes. Chesterton proudly presents the best of that landscape. And just as people love it, animals do, too. Below are the top 3 animals that McCoy Wildlife commonly removes from this area, but we also offer comprehensive animal control services for other animals.

  • Raccoons: If you’ve found piles of trash and messes around your garbage cans, you might have a raccoon on your property! If a raccoon has made its way into your home, you may notice sounds of movement and odors coming from your walls or attic. 
  • Rodents: Rats and mice commonly make their way into Chesterton homes, but McCoy can get them out and keep them out. These tiny creatures might live in your walls, empty bedrooms, basements or kitchen cabinets and pantries. Watch for droppings and chew marks on your perishable foods.
  • Snakes: Snakes are common in the Duneland region because of the sandy landscape and wooded areas. Sometimes, snakes may nest on rocks near your home or slither their way inside, looking for a warm, safe place. Never remove a snake on your own! Instead, trust the experts at McCoy, who have years of experience eliminating dangerous animals.

Why Choose McCoy Wildlife for Your Wildlife Control Needs

McCoy Wildlife Services is proud to serve Northwest Indiana. We have decades of experience removing wildlife from the region’s homes, properties and businesses. We know how important a safe, animal-free environment is for your family or business. And we take pride in our humane removal and exclusion services, which keep animals from returning to your property. Our professional and friendly team of experts will work with you to determine the best removal and exclusion approach for your unique needs. Contact us today to get started!