Unwanted House Pests? Trust Union Pier’s Wildlife Removal Specialists

In Union Pier, Michigan, there is no shortage of waterfront views. With the Galien River to the east and Lake Michigan to the west, this Berrien County town really is snuggled between waterways. On its west end rests Town Line Beach, which offers Union Pier residents stunning sand dunes and sparkling lake views. On top of its natural splendor, Union Pier is also home to a plethora of local businesses, wineries, and eateries, making this southwestern Michigan town a great place to visit as well as live. 

Because of Union Pier’s access to the flowing waters of the Galien River and the vast depths of Lake Michigan, it is home to an array of wildlife, too. Being close to such natural beauty can be a blessing, but when the wildlife moves into your home or business, it can be disastrous. When this happens, it’s important to contact a trusted team of wildlife control experts, like McCoy Wildlife Control. Their expertise in animal removal and exclusion services ensures your Union Pier home remains pest free!

Wildlife Removal & Exclusion Services for Union Pier

At McCoy Wildlife Control, our experts are well-versed in the removal and prevention of wildlife in both residential and commercial properties. With expertise in removing smaller creatures like rodents, bats, birds and snakes, and larger animals like opposums, raccoons, and coyotes, our trained professionals have the equipment and experience needed to remove whatever wildlife has invaded your Union Pier property.

Our team is also trained in exclusion services: a humane method of preventing wildlife from entering your business or home. We start with removing the critter from the property. Then, our experts find the spot where the creature first entered the structure. After the entry point is located and the creatures are removed, we seal it, denying them access and preventing reentry.

McCoy Wildlife Removes Critters for Good

Life along the banks of Lake Michigan is enjoyable and beautiful, but when the wildlife that comes with such beauty invades your home, it can be a nuisance. Don’t let a critter invasion prevent you from enjoying life in Union Pier! Whether it’s mice in your walls, bats in your attic, or raccoons in your basement, count on McCoy Wildlife Control to remove the pests for good.

Call us today at (219) 362-7444 and our experts will create a custom wildlife plan that best solves your Union Pier wildlife removal needs.

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