New Buffalo Wildlife Control

Lakefront properties in Southwest Michigan often make cozy homes for a variety of wildlife. Unwanted visitors — like rodents, snakes, birds, and more — can find their way into your home, hiding in your basement or crawlspace, attic or chimney, or screened-in porch. Whether you summer in the New Buffalo area or call this beautiful Lake Michigan beach town your year-round home, you need reliable nuisance wildlife services you can trust. 

New Buffalo Wildlife Control

McCoy Wildlife Control Provides Nuisance Wildlife Services To Berrien County Residents

The experienced team at McCoy Wildlife Control provides prompt and effective wildlife removal services to homeowners throughout Southwest Michigan. New Buffalo homeowners, vacationers, and business owners alike need a local wildlife animal removal company they can trust should a creature make its home in a building. 

McCoy Wildlife Control handles a range of nuisance wildlife, including birds, bats, rodents, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, snakes, coyotes, dead animals and more. Whether a family of skunks or opossum have settled into your basement, you hear the scratching of some small creature in your walls, or you find a bat swooping through your living room, you can rely on McCoy Wildlife Control. 

New Buffalo Wildlife Control - Removal & Exclusion Services For Homeowners

Consistently ranked a top Lake Michigan vacation destination, Harbor Country’s New Buffalo is a beautiful, laid-back town with lots to offer. Only 70 miles from downtown Chicago and just off I-94, New Buffalo features miles of beaches and dozens of boutiques, restaurants and breweries, including Four Winds Casino. 

All New Buffalo residents and visitors can rely on McCoy Wildlife Control for professional residential and commercial wildlife nuisance animal removal. We pride ourselves on customer service, customizing a wildlife management plan for each client as needed. If Michigan’s cold winter nights have driven animals to nest in your home, call us! We also offer exclusion services, which means we’ll identify an animal’s point of entry and then block it appropriately so the nuisance creature can’t return. 

Bird (in nest) exclusion service