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Life in Portage, Indiana is the perfect blend of a charming city and abundant opportunities for enjoyment. Whether you’re exploring local shops or indulging in delicious meals at the numerous restaurants, Portage offers a plethora of options. However, Portage isn’t solely defined by its bustling downtown area. The town boasts stunning outdoor spaces with the town’s proximity to Indiana Dunes National Park, creating a seamless connection with nature. While the proximity to natural beauty is undeniably captivating, it does come with a drawback: encounters with critters.


Just like Portage residents, creatures and critters love to call Portage home. But, if those creatures start taking up residence in your home or business, it’s time to seek professional help. That’s when McCoy Wildlife Control comes in! Our trusted wildlife removal and exclusion services help keep unwanted pests out of your Porter County property.

Wildlife Removal & Exclusion Services for Portage Residents

At McCoy Wildlife Control, our experts are experienced in the removal and prevention of wildlife in both residential and commercial properties throughout Porter County. With expertise in removing smaller creatures like rodents, bats, birds and snakes, and larger animals like opposums, raccoons, and coyotes, our trained professionals have the equipment and experience to remove whatever wildlife has invaded your property.

Our team is also trained in exclusion services: a humane method of preventing wildlife from entering your business or home. We start with removing the critter from your business or home. Then, our experts find the point of entry where the creature first entered the structure. After the entry point is located and the critters are removed, we seal the entry point, denying them access or reentry.  This discourages the creature from returning and prevents future infestations from other critters.

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Life in Portage is enjoyable and beautiful, but the wildlife that comes with such beautiful surroundings isn’t. Don’t let a critter invasion prevent you from enjoying Portage life! Whether it’s mice in your walls, bats in your attic, or raccoons in your basement, count on McCoy Wildlife Control to handle the pests for good.


Call us today at (219) 362-7444 and our experts will create a custom wildlife plan that best solves your Portage wildlife removal needs.