Expert and Humane Animal Control Services Near Warsaw, IN

Warsaw is a beautiful, charming city in northern Indiana that is home to over 15,000 people. The inviting city is located in Kosciusko County, south of Goshen and southeast of South Bend. It’s well-known for its many lakes and nature centers. Residents and visitors love Winona and Pike Lakes, and the Center Lake Wetland Conservation Area offers hiking, kayaking and more. 


Beyond outdoor fun, Downtown Warsaw has much to offer. Residents grab coffee at Courthouse Coffee on the Square and Three Crowns Coffee to start their days off. After a week of hard work, they head to the Farmers and Artisan Market. Downtown Warsaw is also home to First Fridays, where the community comes together for music, food and fun. After enjoying these community events, residents love dining at La Pasadita, Downtown Eatery & Spirits and One Ten Craft Meatery. 

With so much small-town charm and outdoor entertainment, it’s no wonder residents love Warsaw. But residents aren’t the only ones drawn to Warsaw – plenty of animals live here, too! So when residents and business owners need humane animal control services, they trust the professionals at McCoy Wildlife Control.

Proven Protection from Wildlife for Your Warsaw Home

Many nuisance animals are common in northern Indiana. Fortunately, McCoy Wildlife Control has the animal removal and exclusion services you need to protect your property and home from wildlife. Some animals we commonly remove in Warsaw include:

  • Bats. Bats love the dark, damp spaces in your garage and attic. But, unfortunately, these creatures leave droppings that can make you, your family and your pets sick. 
  • Chipmunks and squirrels. Chipmunks and squirrels may look cute, but they can cause property damage and even house fires when they chew through wiring in your home. 
  • Rats and mice. Rats and mice love to make their homes in walls, cabinets and pantries where they can get into your food and make your family sick!

We also offer custom wildlife management plans. These customizable plans can match your needs if you’re experiencing an infestation, visitors, or are affected by location and weather.

Call Us Today to Get Professional Wildlife Control Services

McCoy Wildlife Control believes in the humane treatment of animals and exclusion services to keep them from returning. We prioritize safety for our customers, employees and the animals we remove. If you need professional animal control services, contact the team at McCoy Wildlife Control today.