Premier Nuisance Wildlife Exclusion and Removal in Michigan City

Nestled along the southern tip of Lake Michigan, Michigan City, Indiana, is buzzing with activities for its visitors and residents to enjoy. Franklin Street, downtown, is home to some great restaurants, shops, and lively art. Blue Chip Casino offers an exciting night out for the 21+ crowd. Washington Park Beach can be enjoyed by anyone interested in getting a tan on a hot summer day or watching the sun drop below the horizon in a cotton candy sky. 

Lighthouse Premium Outlets attract shoppers looking for a good deal on a new piece. All of this makes Michigan City a good place to visit, but it’s a great place to live. McCoy Wildlife Control helps Michigan City residents handle wildlife issues, from nuisance animal removal to safe and effective exclusion methods to prevent critters from coming back. If you live or work in the Michigan City, IN, area, trust McCoy Wildlife for your wildlife removal needs. 

wildlife removal in michigan city

McCoy Wildlife Can Help You Take Back Control of Your Space From Unwelcome Animal Guests

It is very common in climates like Michigan City’s for creatures to look for refuge in a home or building. The winter months can be quite cold in Northwest Indiana! At McCoy, we specialize in the removal of various sized mammals and reptiles. Some of those species include but are not limited to bats, chipmunks, snakes, racoons, coyotes, moles, mice, rats, skunks, birds and rabbits. You can learn more about the types of critters we deal with here. 

If you believe you may be housing an unexpected nuisance, look for one of more of these signs: bodily fluids such as feces; a persistent odor seeming to come from a specific area of your home; noises in your walls, attic, or hideaway spaces like scratching, gnawing and scurrying; trash in places that it should not be; and seeing an animal directly. No matter how wildlife enters your home, you don’t have to live with unwanted creatures or harbor the fear of more of them invading your home. Contact the team at McCoy Wildlife Control today! 

Depend on our Team of Highly Trained Professionals For Exclusion Services

Our company is based on the premise of exclusion which includes a cautious and humane removal of the animal(s) and an investigation into how the infestation originally occurred in order to guarantee it won’t happen again. 

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Whether your specific situation is easy to deal with or more complex, McCoy Wildlife Control would love to lend a hand. Give us a call at 219-362-7444. Our team would be more than happy to generate a plan for you.