Unwanted Wildlife Removal in Syracuse, Indiana

Located in Kosciusko County, the beautiful town of Syracuse, Indiana, harbors some of the most majestic natural beauty in Northern Indiana. Syracuse is famously home to both Syracuse Lake and Lake Wawasee which provides the town with a thriving lake life experience all year round. Residents and visitors have the opportunity to truly appreciate what Lake Wawasee and Syracuse Lake have to offer. 

The Oakwood Resort, Lakeside Park, the Artisans & Farmers Market and restaurants like the Sleepy Owl and Chubbie’s Pub and Grill set Syracuse apart from other area communities. Watersports, live music, great food, and good company are easily found in Syracuse, Indiana. McCoy Wildlife is here to prevent nuisance wildlife from being easily found as well by Syracuse homeowners and business owners. 

wildlife removal in syracuse

McCoy Offers Straightforward Animal Exclusion Services in Northern Indiana and South West Michigan

The cold winters and warm summers of Syracuse, Indiana, create a perfect climate for roaming animals to search for temperature-controlled shelters. Often, the temperature-controlled shelters found by those creatures are occupied buildings like homes and businesses. Why should they get to stay without paying rent? At McCoy Wildlife Control, we specialize in the removal of those unwanted animals from your space, whether they’ve settled in your attic, basement, crawlspace, chimney, or walls. 

You should not have to assume the burden of harboring unwelcome guests. Take back control of your space! We want you to feel safe and protected, so if you think there may be an unexpected animal living in your presence, look for one or more of these signs and call us for help.


  • Bodily fluids seeming to be from an unfamiliar animal
  • A strong odor coming from somewhere in your home or business like a certain room or closet
  • Noises in your attic, walls, basement, etc., that sound like scratching, gnawing and scurrying
  • Trash in places that you did not put it
  • Seeing an animal with your own eyes


We typically deal with small to medium-sized mammals and reptiles. Read more about exactly what kinds of nuisance wildlife we remove. Please note we do not handle the removal of cats or dogs.

Team of Wildlife Control Professionals To Make You Feel Safe

McCoy Wildlife Control strongly believes in a carefully executed, humane version of nuisance animal removal. Each member of our staff has been  properly educated on the topic of animal exclusion. Once the creature has been removed from your space, we conduct a thorough investigation in regards to how it may have gotten there and how we can help prevent future cases of reentry or infestation. 

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Get in Touch Today!

Whatever critter you may suspect of squatting in your home, McCoy Wildlife is here to help. Contact our office for assistance, and you will be put in touch with a friendly team member trained to assess your situation. The team at McCoy Wildlife will suggest the next steps to take for a timely resolution of your unwanted creature problem. Call 219-362-7444 for more information.